Enabling Presidential Behaviors?

Whether one supports him, as well as the policies, he articulates, or opposes them, most could possibly agree, President Donald Trump’s behavior, rhetoric, attitude, and relationships, with other sites, is seemingly, dissimilar, to the, witnessed before, from his predecessors (in recent memory). When one occupies the White House, his words, generally, have potential ramifications, into your future, inside a relevant, sustainable manner! In addition, we now have never before, witnessed, numerous instances, of other public officials, either, consciously, or accidentally, enabling these kinds of behavior. This is true, whether or not this relates to affecting Constitutional guarantees, international relationships, the necessity for a timely respond to the dangers of Climate Change, protecting our surroundings, or a great many others areas! With that in mind, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 of such ramifications, and why, you need to take notice, now.

1. Limits of Executive Power: When he was running for office, Mr. Trump, famously, proclaimed, he was popular, he could shoot, and kill someone, on Fifth Avenue, and have away by using it! Unfortunately, since becoming President from the United States, he’s progressively, seemed to seek to expand, the powers on the Executive Branch. He has surrounded himself, by individuals, who enable him, and this also behavior, by proclaiming, our Chief Executive, provides the expanded rights, etc! If, the way it appears to many, he goes, unpunished, regardless in the several, revealed instances, of excessive, improper behavior, for example regarding, Ukraine, Russia, China, North Korea, in addition to his rhetoric and actions, domestically, with regards to seemingly, wanting to ignore protecting each of the liberties, justice, and freedoms, for anyone, instead of seeking to pick, and select!

2. Balance of Powers: Our Founding Fathers believed we needed, a Balance of Powers, with co – equal branches of government, from your Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches. President Trump has perceived to ignore these, by appointing judges, the Bar Association, deem unqualified, given that they agree with his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has allowed him, on account of his apparent political preferences, etc. By denying documents, and forbidding testimony, from people within his administration, in the Impeachment hearings, etc, he’s continued this trend, plus the Senators and Congressmen, from his political party, have did actually choose politics, over policy, and national interest.

3. Emoluments: The Emoluments Clause, was made, to be sure, no President would benefit, financially, from his entanglements, but, again, this President, has maintained control and operation, of countless of his businesses, like the hotels, which a lot of, look like staying at, as a way to demonstrate their loyalty, on the man!

4. Ethics: Shouldn’t we expect, and demand, more, and, behavior, integrity, and ethics, than we’ve witnessed, since January 20, 2017?

5. Respect for that Constitution: If we begin to, only, worry about those parts on the Constitution, which benefit us, personally (or any personal/ political position), what sort of precedent, does that set? This means, all facets, and, since, the House of Representatives, holds responsibility, for federal expenditures, etc, if your President changes the allocation (for instance transferring monies to his Wall), the near future might possess many negative ramifications!

We have to elect public officials, who squeeze public, and quality policies, depending on our heritage and Constitutional guarantees, prior to any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! If, people, merely enable questionable behavior and action, by prioritizing, either politics, and/ or, their fears/ greed, there will probably certainly be future, undesirable ramifications!

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