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Balancing Academic Life with Spiritual Life

When you are a devoted Christian student especially in college it can be challenging to strike a good balance between your education and spiritual life. In college, schoolwork can be overly demanding where you need to keep up with classes, tests, and sometimes with friends. Since you don’t want to be inconsistent with your spiritual life it becomes increasingly challenging allocating time for your spiritual needs. Some Christian students have stated that when they attempt balancing the two lives it is either the academics suffer a little and spiritual life shines or vice versa. However, a Christian student can succeed both academically and spiritually when the two lives are carefully balanced. This article presents you with some ideas you can use to get the ideal balance between school and spiritual life and excel in both lives.

As a devoted Christian and academically focused student, you should avoid too many extracurricular activities. The chances of a freshman getting over-excited in various activities in the university are quite high. You may feel compelled to join a school sports team, university clubs among other extracurricular activities that make you feel happy. These, however, will consume most of your time and you will have no space for your spiritual needs after lectures. It is therefore recommended that you pick activities that are in accordance with your Christian life purpose. This makes sure you don’t lose track and remain focused on your academic and spiritual life.

Having too many unnecessary friends can lead to you abandoning not only your spiritual life but your academics as well. This is more so when you have friends you do not share similar goals or purpose. Too many such friends will waste your time and distract you from your spiritual life and you are more likely to cage your Christian life. You need to choose your friends carefully as some can be parasitic and misleading. Pick godly friends who will walk with you in spiritual growth as well as in academic life. It is worth noting friends have a high influential capacity and the friends you select in life can determine your success or failure in your spiritual as well as in academic life.

Academic life in college can be daunting, keeping up with lectures, regular tests, exams, presentations within a relatively short period. Most students find it stressful and therefore seek ways of relieving them. They engage in college parties and other fun activities that are occasionally organized by other students. As a Christian student, you are not exempted from such stresses, in fact, yours might be double and you probably need these fun activities more than the rest. While it is good to regularly enjoy a bit you must be careful not to waste your time too much with irrelevant things. It is advisable that when you are having fun you do so with something good. You should always have in mind that you are a devoted Christian and therefore the activities you engage in should be a reflection of this status. Those are some ideas we thought can help you maintain your spiritual life while in college.

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