Meteorological history

Meteorological history

Under the influence of an upper-air cyclonic circulation, a low-pressure area formed over the Andaman Sea on October 6.It slowly consolidated and was upgraded to a depression by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) on October 7. While over open waters, the depression continued to encounter a favorable environment, and a tropical cyclone formation alert (TCFA) was issued by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), followed by IMD upgrading the storm into a deep depression.

In the early hours of October 8, the JTWC started issuing its advisories for the system as it recorded tropical storm winds at the storm’s centre. The IMD later reported that the deep depression made its first landfall over Long Island, Andaman, and had reached cyclonic storm intensity, naming it Hudhud. After entering the Bay of Bengal, Hudhud continued to intensify the following day, and was upgraded to a severe cyclonic storm.
Early on October 10, the JTWC classified the storm as a Category 1 tropical cyclone after it formed a microwave eye feature and was located in an environment favorable for further intensification with moderate wind shear. The IMD upgraded Hudhud to a very severe cyclonic storm later the same day, and the JTWC further upgraded the storm to a Category 2 tropical cyclone.

On October 11, Hudhud underwent rapid intensification and developed an eye at its center. The storm later was monitored by the doppler weather radar stationed at Visakhapatnam. In the following hours, the storm reached its peak intensity with a minimum central pressure of 960 mbar (28.35 inHg) and three-minute average windspeeds of 175 km/h (109 mph). It has also been reported that the windspeeds reached 250 km/h (160 mph) as recorded by ships off the coast and the Indian Navy. Maintaining intensity, it made landfall near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, in the early hours of October 12.

Bringing extensive damage to the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, Hudhud gradually weakened as it curved northwards over land. The storm continued its weakening trend and was last noted as a well-marked low pressure area over east Uttar Pradesh on October 14

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