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    SAP FI Questions

    SAP FI QuestionsHere you will discover sample SAP FI questions and mock tests for SAP FI certification that are relatively similar to the original exam. You must rely on them during preparation for the certification, because it will help you familiarize yourself with test format, try out your knowledge, identify areas that require additional attention, and quite often these sample questions are just a little bit just like what you might encounter on the real exam.


    SAP FI Certification Questions

    Before you decide to read these sample questions, it’s important to produce something really clear: there isn’t any way of getting SAP FI questions which will appear on the actual certification. There are many reasons why it’s not possible. First, no-one has access to the financial institution from the certification questions because they are saved in the maximum secrecy. Second, the swimming pool of questions that SAP has is so large that, even though someone could extract some questions from your secret database, the probability of getting these SAP FI questions at the exam is very low since the questions are randomly selected by way of a computer. Therefore, don’t fall for individuals who sell you SAP FI questions and promise that whenever studying them you’ll pass SAP FI certification.


    During SAP FI certification you’ll be required to answer 80 multiple choice questions. There’s no negative marking for incorrect answers. This means that you should attempt to answer as numerous questions as you can if you are uncertain what is the correct answer. You’ll be given 180 minutes to accomplish the certification. The existing passing score for SAP FI certification is around 60%.

    Official SAP FI Certification Questions

    SAP Education provides official practice questions for SAP FI Certification: SAP FI Certification Official Sample Questions. In the event the link does not work, try our mirror of SAP FI Certification Official Sample Questions.

    Free SAP FI Certification Questions

    Listed here are 80 sample questions for SAP FI certification. If you’re getting ready for the exam, try to answer these SAP FI questions and find out the amount of questions you could answer correctly. Ideas also posted strategies to these SAP FI questions and brief explanations for every with the questions.

    Disclaimer: These sample SAP FI questions are for self-evaluation purposes only and do not appear on the actual certification exams. Answering the sample questions correctly isn’t any guarantee that you’ll pass the certification exam. However, it is a good way to plan for the particular certification exams and helped many people to become certified SAP consultants.





    In most SAP FI question, except ‘true or false’ questions, at least one or maybe more answers may be correct.

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